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XM5 Specifications

DescriptionPortable Audio Headphone Amplifier
Weight157 grams (5.5oz)
Power SourceLithium-Ion Rechargeable System, or,
9-volt Alkaline, or,
9.6V Lithium non-rechargeable
External Power SupplyOptional Lithium-Ion adapter/charger, 120-240VAC, 50/60Hz worlwide compatible
Battery Charge Time (approx.)1.5 hours
Battery Life (approx, depending on installed optionsAlkaline: 50 hours
Lithium-Ion: 40 hours
Lithium NON-rechargeable: 100 hours
Maximum Gain+12.7dB (Gain Boost disabled)
+20.6dB (Gain Boost enabled)
Frequency Response (20-20,000Hz, typical, front panel input+0.1dB, -0.4dB
-3dB Point (typical, front panel input)21 kHz at top end
9 Hz at low end
Total Harmonic Distortion THD (typical, front panel input)0.0007%
Intermodulation Distortion (typical, front panel input)0.005%
Signal to Noise ratio (20-20,000Hz, typical, front panel input)103dB
Dynamic Range (20-20,000Hz, typical, front panel input)103dB
Bass Boost (approx.)+6dB @ 100Hz
Treble Boost (approx)+3dB @ 10kHz
CrossfeedActive, user-adjustable from mono to near-stereo using potentiometer;
User can bypass using pushbutton
Auto Power-OFFUser selects between 1, 3, or 6 hour poweroff interval, or unit can be set to stay on indefinitely.
Status IndicatorsTwo LEDs (one blue, one amber), indicating: low battery warning, battery voltage, and power
Integrated Voltmeter accuracy (typical)±100mV
  • Anodized aluminum case
  • Glossy anodized & etched face plate
  • Polished aluminum volume knob
  • FR-4 dual-layer impedance-controlled Printed Circuit Board with 1 oz. copper
Output ImpedanceUser-switchable between 0Ω and 75Ω
  • Fully configurable amplification and buffering using gold-plated sockets.
  • Turn on both LEDs to full brightness;
  • Dimming mode: Allows user to optionally dim the blue LED;
USB DACTexas Instruments/Burr-Brown PCM2704 USB DAC, 0.006% THD; 44.1/48kHz, USB 2.0 Compliant; Native compatibility with Windows XP, Vista; MAC OSX, OS9; most Linux installs.

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