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Charger and 9-volt-style battery, for use with XM4 and XM5.

Charger and Prismatic-style battery, for use with XM6.
. Practical Devices Corporation's Lithium-Ion FastCharge® System is a rechargeable battery system for the XM6, XM5, and XM4. The system includes both a wall adapter and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The wall adapter is "world-compatible", meaning it can be used on voltages from all countries (120 VAC/60Hz in North America; 220 VAC/50Hz in most of the rest of the world). The wall adapter comes with a North-American style AC mains plug (see the pictures on the left); you may need an adapter if your country's electrical outlets cannot take a North-American style plug.

The XM6 uses the prismatic-style battery, whereas the XM4 and XM5 use the 9-volt style. Both types are 400mAHr rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, which will give years of service. Recharge time is about 1 hour. You may use your amplifier while it is recharging. You may leave the charger plugged in indefinitely.

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Lithium-Ion FastCharge® System. Includes wall adapter and battery for XM5 and XM4
$25 USD

Lithium-Ion FastCharge® System. Includes wall adapter and battery for XM6
$30 USD

Charger only. For XM6, XM5, and XM4. Having an extra charger can be quite convenient.
$18 USD

Shipping cost to USA, Canada, and all other countries is $4 USD.

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