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Users Manuals: XM6 Users Manual (latest revision): Download (1.7MB pdf)

XM5 Users Manual (latest revision): Download (3.0MB pdf)

XM5 Users Manual (JAPANESE VERSION): Download (1.7MB pdf)

XM5 Users Manual (For XM5's with the CMedia USB DAC): Download (2.6MB pdf., ver36)

XM4 Users Manual: Download (2.2MB pdf., ver35)

XM3 Users Manual: Download (2.3MB pdf., ver23)

XMoy2 Information: Download (0.2MB jpg)

Drivers: IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not need to install drivers for your XM6 or XM5. The following operating systems natively support the XM6 and XM5 as a USB Audio Device (that means you do NOT need to download or install any drivers; just plug in the XM5/XM6, and it will be recognized):
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • MAC OS 9
  • MAC OS X
  • Most Linux Installs

However, if you have the CMedia version of the XM5 only (NOT the PCM2702/04 version), and you are running Windows XP, Server2003, or Windows 2000, you have the option of installing the software below. This software gives you the following functionality:
  • 10-band Equalizer
  • EAXTM Environmental Audio Effects (Concert hall reverb, etc)
  • 7.1 Channel Virtual-Surround DSP HRTF Processor - allows you to graphically place yourself amongst a virtual 7.1 speaker system.
  • Left/Right speaker swap
  • Audio Demo Programs "RockWar" and "Heli"

XM5: Window XP, Server2003, Windows2000: Download exe., 8.9MB

Installation Instructions: The download file is a self-extracting executable. Run it, extract it to a temporary directory, and run SETUP.EXE. Follow the instructions.

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