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XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, in Silver and Black
XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, rear, with variable crossfeed adjuster, source selector, power jack, and USB port XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, front XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, to scale.

Optional Lithium-Ion FastCharge® System connected to XM5.

FastCharger will charge the internal Lithium battery in approximately 90 minutes.

FastCharger is a "World" charger - it will operate from 105 to 240VAC, 50 or 60Hz. If you live outside of North America, you may need a plug adapter, to fit the North-American-style AC mains prongs.

XM5 and Lithium-Ion FastCharge System

XM5 uses multiple professional controlled-impedence Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

XM5 controlled-impedence Printed Circuit Board

Six XM5 Portable Headphone Amps Crossfeed Adjuster knob on rear of XM5. Turn this to adjust the amount of crossfeed.

Crossfeed is enabled or disabled by the button on the front panel.

Notice the USB cutout is contoured to the USB connector - typical of XM5's attention to detail!
XM5 Crossfeed Adjuster

What's included
XM5 comes with everything you need. And it is delivered in a very nice sturdy box.

Solid metal jacks, for a reliable and noise-free connection. XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, jack detail
XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, with Charger and USB cable Active Crossfeed Module. Plugs into main circuitboard, using gold-plated connectors. Included with every XM5. XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, Active Crossfeed Module
XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, internal sockets
Four DIP sockets for separate Left/Right amplifiers and separate Left/Right buffers, in a monoblock configuration. SOIC chips can also be used with the WhiteCat SOIC-DIP adapter and the AD8397 "DoubleCat" adapter, allowing total configuration.
All sockets have gold-plated contacts, for the best possible sound. Gold plated sockets
XM5 Portable Headphone Amp, open
Volume knob has a steel shaft and bushing (not plastic) for extra strength, rigidity, and reliability.

Steel shaft volume knob
AD8397 "DoubleCat". AD8397 is a two-channel amp/buffer hybrid, mounted on a SOIC-to-two-DIP8 DoubleCat adapter.

Audiophile 3.5mm interconnect

4.75" (approx. 8" tip-to-tip) gold-plated 3.5mm interconnect, using ULTRALINK DISCOVERY® Advanced Performance High Resolution Directional Twisted-Pair Double-Shielded Audio Interface cable. This cable is included (for a limited time) as a free bonus only when purchasing direct from our website.

A 6-foot (1.8m) version (shown below) is also available. Email for details.

XM5 with case removed
Never before has so much been packed inside a portable!

XM5 mated to iPod
XM5 uses the Japanese-made PCM2702/04 USB DAC, which is the best-performing DAC available from Texas Instruments/BurrBrown.

XM5 shown mated to iPod Video, using included velcro dots. XM5 mated to iPod
XM5 block diagram XM5 Dimensions


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